Month: September 2017

27 Buildings Around the World!

Here at 27 dresses, we talk about everything from dresses to self-help tips. But one of the most important things that I love are buildings. I love everything from the builders who construct these large monuments to the architects who created these designs. There are so many buildings in every corner around the earth that need to be shared or seen by people. In every country and in every city, there are buildings that stand as high as the sky, and others that are so beautiful and magnificent that it is almost criminal that not every person in the world will be able to see them. So many of these buildings are designed for the beauty that they provide, and we can’t wait to share just a small amount of them in today’s post.

One of the greatest buildings that I have ever seen from both the inside and outside is the Sistine Chapel. It is known around the world for its beauty, especially when discussing the amazing ceiling that has been painted. The painting among the ceiling is one of the finest pieces of art in the history of the world, but that is not the only thing that is beautiful about the building and the buildings that surround the Chapel. The Chapel itself is huge, with one of the most amazing views in the world. While the building’s hallways and corridors are very small and tough to navigate through, once you enter the top of the chapel you really see how much or a marvel it is. The entire Vatican City is a very bright white due to the stone and paint that they have used to ensure purity, and the Chapel itself is just one of the many bright landmarks within the area.

Another amazing piece of building and builder’s history is the Great Pyramids. It is known around the world as one of the 7 wonders, and there is a reason for it. The Pyramids were created and constructed long before modern building techniques, and even during times where others were building homes using branches in other areas of the world. In some areas of the world, while these great stone masterpieces were being created by hundreds of builders (otherwise known as slaves), others were still living in caves sadly. And although I do not want to take away from the horrific reason and ability as to how the Pyramids were built, looking at them you can see a part of the worlds history that you can find rarely in other places around the world apart from a few spots.

Another one of these great masterpieces in more recent times however is Westminster Palace. Built in only the 19th Century (much later than many believe), this has become one of the biggest landmarks around the world, recognisable in every country. This is due to the power of those who are inside, and it has become a bastion of diplomacy and of politics. It is a building of great history, but what is more impressive than the building itself is the fact that history is made within the same building every day. It is also largely recognizable due to the large clocktower inside of the Palace known as Big Ben. Big Ben is a giant landmark across the world, and when asking someone from a different country what they know of England, they would always mention Big Ben. Manchester builders actually worked to help renovate the building!

Finally, the White House is another building that although it was created very recently, still stands the test of time in history because of the many great people that have inhabited it. Builders across the world were delighted to work on the construction of the many wings within the building, and it has become synonymous with both peace and war throughout recent times. It houses what may be one of the most powerful people within the world. That alone gives the White House something special and meaningful, even taking away from how large and breath-taking it is.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I wanted to give a real tribute to builders and buildings that they have created around the world. If you did enjoy it, please make sure to read some of our older posts and newer ones we will release soon!